About Foxwood Tax Search

Who We Are

Foxwood Tax Search is a specialized tax search and consulting firm that identifies the top tax talent across North America for potential opportunities across the region.  Our clientele rangesacross every industry and in every niche within tax, integrating us within the most comprehensive network of tax professionals.

We're the only tax recruitment firm that focuses exclusively on tax across the United States and Canada, giving us an edge when it comes to our deeper, pinpoint search recruitmentfor clients.

It's similar to the dynamic of a small town, where everyone knows one another. Successfully operating in this niche market allows us to foster relationships - the foundation of our business - and build a network that's broad and dense. This allows us to quickly separate the good from the great, and gives us a larger pool of tax professionals to select from and network with.

No niche of tax is too uncommon to us, and there's no industry we haven't worked in. Whether it's:

  • A Fortune 200 North America HO
  • Top law and public accounting firms
  • The largest FIs in the world
  • Or even a Startup or company adding its first in-house tax department

No one else can offer the expertise, knowledge, and network of top tax talent that we can.


Founded by aCPA who - after hearing the frustrations of senior tax executives and CFOs with their existing options for finding great tax professionals in the market - decided to create a specialized recruitment and consulting firm dedicated solely to the recruitment of high-performance tax professionals across North America.

Foxwood Tax Search thrives in providing an alternative to finance, legal and executive search firms who only dabble in tax, and to any recruiter who speaks of passive candidates and pinpoint recruitment techniques - only to post their clients' positions online.

At Foxwood Tax Search, we hunt top candidates where they're supposed to be -  at their desks with their head down - more concerned with their next project than their next job. Plus, we're the only firm that can consistently offer tax executives unparalleled career and hiring advice, professional advancement opportunities, and the quality of candidate that they can get excited about.

No Job Sites, No Job Postings, No Social Media

We took notice of the growing trend in the recruitment industry, and observed top recruiting firms utilizing only technology and social media, and we decided to do things differently.

We recognize that a large majority of candidates considered to be in the top 20% of their particular skill set - in any field of work - are not found through online channels. And we don't have much interest in candidates who would respond to a social media post calling for candidates, while casually mentioning a position's title and location. Every recruitment firm claims they provide access to the market's passive candidates - the difference is, we actually do.

Our specialization in tax, our old school methodology based on hard work, and doing business the right way, has allowed Foxwood Tax Search to grow into the dominant player in our space. We've signed exclusive agreements with some of the best tax groups, all while maintaining one of the lowest interview-to-placement ratios in our industry.

Our approach and expertise has quickly made us the top tax recruiting & consulting firm in Canada and the United States.

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