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Finding the right fit with Foxwood Tax Search

Posted by Eytan Ishai on 20 March 2018

Finding the Right Fit


Finding the right fit is so important, and though all recruiters talk about it, few know how (or take the time) to really assess it.  Though it's not a perfect science, we at Foxwood Tax Search are the only specialized tax search firm that goes as deep as we do with both our clients and our candidates, and it's that depth that takes assessing fit from some "high in the clouds" idea, to something more tangible.

So how does it work? Basically, we take the time (a couple hours over multiple calls) with every candidate to not only assess their technical skill-set (which is incredibly important in tax), but we also assess their personality, the way they like to work, how they see themselves, what their "true" wish list looks like etc. We go just as deep with our clients when doing an intake, not just about the technical, but about the company, the team, the management style, organizational and team culture etc., and only when there is a match that is 80% or better do we even make the introduction.

What does this mean for everyone involved? It means our clients only see a few select candidates, but they can be sure it will be a difficult decision between them as to who they want to move forward with. No more sifting through loads of resumes, or having interviews that are way off. For our candidates it means not being sent on interviews, or going through a process that is not a strong match to your wish list. It also means not getting calls about roles that make no sense for you, this leads to less interviews, but the ones you do go on will be exciting.

Our success can only come from the success of our clients and candidates finding the right fit, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We've refined the process to ensure happy placements and happy clients. Don't believe us? Give us a call and ask us about how we can find you the perfect fit.

Author: Eytan Ishai
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