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Why Candidates Choose Foxwood Tax Search

Working with Foxwood Tax Search is an experience unlike any other for candidates building a career in tax.

We understand that every candidate's situation and goals are unique. While it's standard practice in our industry to pitch positions to potential candidates based on assumptions made from their high-level details, we prefer to take the time to speak with candidates about what is important to them in an opportunity by reaching out proactively, and without a specific position in mind. It is an approach that has been received extraordinarily well by tax professionals at all levels, and has resulted in a loyal and supportive network that is both vast and dense.

Candidates immediately recognize that we understand what they're doing, and what they want to do. We're confident that we're the only tax search firm that can offer real career consulting for tax professionals. There's simply no one else in recruitment qualified to consult and advise on tax career paths, as we exclusively specialize in the niche. We know what clients seek for their departments, allowing us to advise candidates on the best path to further their tax careers. Depending on career trajectory, or where a candidate is in their lives, we can be as proactive or passive as you want.

What makes Foxwood Tax Search exceptional is we don't wait for 'job orders', and then frantically hunt for top tax talent. We don't sit around hoping for a role that makes sense for a candidate. We'd rather stay ahead of other firms, utilizing our depth and breadth of relationships within the tax world to communicate with active and passive tax professionals. So when department heads comes to us about what's on the market, whether contract/consulting or full-time permanent, we're able to make matches before the process 'officially' starts.

Recruitment is ongoing; we can set up exclusive meetings for candidates with the top-performing tax departments, exposing them to potential employers, or laying the foundation of a working relationship.

Above all, we're honest, open, and realistic with our candidates, giving them a real picture of today's tax market, and the opportunities ahead.

Our candidates enjoy the additional advantages of:


We provide the opportunity for our hand-picked candidates to shine in some of the best companies and tax departments across Canada and the United States. Our relationships and networks within accounting and law firms, and corporate tax departments, is unrivaled.

Our clients cover all industries and range from small private companies looking to add their first in-house tax professional, to Fortune 500, including some of the largest FIs and most prestigious law firms on the planet.

A Seamless Fit:

Position match, departmental objectives, and corporate culture are all areas that must be compatible between candidate and client. Once we do find a candidate and client whose goals and skillsets align, candidates have the confidence that this is a seamless fit for their career trajectory in tax.


Headhunters love to pitch jobs to candidates without the knowledge of said candidate's availability or interest. That's amateur. We don't sell jobs to anyone; our pinpoint matchmaking is built on truth and integrity, and what our candidates truly desire.
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