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Why Clients Choose Foxwood Tax Search

Our clients comprise some of the most profitable and respected tax departments, law firms and accounting firms in North America. These tax teams, or 'profit centers', demand the top tax talent regardless of role or availability.

The dense, unrivaled network and relationships we've created in the tax industry is why our services are in high demand across the United States and Canada. High-level tax recruitment is ongoing, which continuously builds our relationships and networks, resulting in a greater pool of tax talent to match your needs. Our experience, knowledge, and relationships allow us to deliver the tax talent that everyone wants, but few can find.

Our Approach

Most recruiters headhunt with blinders on, overly-obsessed with what they gleaned from a job posting or description, assuming they know the type of tax professional their client wants.

This approach sells both the candidate and client short. It encourages the recruitment of candidates who are willing to accept any position, and allows them to tailor their answers to the position they're applying for.

We recruit without a position in mind. By removing restrictions on recruitment, we can freely focus on finding the best tax professionals, regardless of their focus or level. This approach has no guaranteed time frame if they're talented, they're worth the wait. But because we are constantly recruiting in our niche, there's a very high chance we've already spoken with, or are one referral away from - your perfect candidate.

Our existing relationships mean that we are rarely required to make a cold call when running a search. Instead, our searches involve reaching out to people who already know and trust us.

Whether you are looking to add a tax professional on a full-time permanent basis or a contract/consulting basis, Foxwood's deep network of tax professionals has you covered.

When clients decide to use our services, we create what is in essence a specialized job description based on a detailed discussion with the hiring manager. We then go through our extensive network of tax professionals, referrals, and specialized searches, to narrow down the candidate list to just a few who both align to the position and company, and that the position and company aligns with their wish list, making a great match.

The main differentiation between us and other generalist or specialized recruitment firms is they'll take any willing candidate, or a candidate they can coerce into the position. We match the correct, experienced candidates to our client's needs, rather than worry about role or availability. Over the years this process has lead to one of the lowest fall off ratios in the industry, meaning our placements stick for much longer than those of other search firms.

Our clients enjoy the advantages of:

The Unique Interview Process:

Our initial screening is done prior to the candidate having any specific knowledge of the potential opportunities we're looking to fill, giving us their true skill-set, wish lists and desires. When we do identify a fit between a client and candidate's goals, the match is natural. What allows us to drive the standard in tax search? There's simply no tax recruitment firm that delves into a candidate's strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, personal goals, and potential like we do.

Specialized Tax Searches:

No tax search, generalist, or other specialized search firm immerses themselves into the selection process like we do. We know exactly what skillsets are required for specific tax positions, meaning clients are presented with high-quality, high-performance candidates. We ensure that the technical tax objectives of our clients are met, but also account residual factors when making a match, such as the inner departmental culture, which is required for successful collaborations.

The Cream of the Crop:

You've seen and passed on the same Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn applications every day. Forget those cookie-cutter resources. Through our network of referrals, peer reviews, and relationships built in diverse niches of tax (not to mention our skill in pinpoint recruitment techniques), we have the largest pool of high-performing tax professionals for our clients to choose from at our fingertips.
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